International Youth Service Registry

We have had the honor of working with a multitude of brilliant youth service organizations (YSOs) and an extremely common need for support has called us to action.

The IYSR mission is to…

  • Create opportunities for connection & communication between YSOs serving the same demographics within a local area.
  • Highlight services and opportunities of which YSOs may not be aware.
  • Highlight efforts achieving extraordinary results, so they can be replicated anywhere in the world.
  • Marketing Training & Support
  • Fundraising Training & Support
  • Special development support for smaller YSOs achieving extraordinary results.
Dare to Dream Events Header

These needs became most apparent when we began planning our first Dare to Dream event in 2013. Our Dare to Dream events draw youth to local area events through adrenaline “X-Games like” action sports with the intention of:

  • exposing them to hope & empowering them to have hope for a better future,
  • daring them to believe in themselves,
  • and providing support for their personal dream development process.
War on Hopelessness
Blow their minds!

The “Exposing them to hope…” process involves local YSOs making their services known to youth while they are at the Dare to Dream event. Attendees walk through a massive HOPE Tent to enter the event, where they are presented with assistance addressing many of the giants that are at war for their hope for a better future like:

  • Homelessness
  • Hunger
  • Mental illness
  • Abuse
  • Suicide prevention
  • Dependency assistance
  • etc… you get the picture

While our Dare to Dream teams where engaging with local YSOs in preparation for our first event, we noticed that many of these awesome folks are so busy passionately serving their targeted youth, they had little or no time to lift their heads to discover what was around them. Many times, we saw complimentary YSOs 10 minutes from each other that had never met. Thus, the birth of the International Youth Service Registry.